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What is is an online service that allows you to create a professionally drafted, ready to use will according to your own wishes. We help you create a will in simple, easy steps saving you time and money in legal fees. Our service allows you choose the terms of your own will online, saving you from having to meet with lawyers or take time off work. Our services are provided by a practising solicitor.

Why do I need to make a Will?
Having a will is important to ensure you have certainty over the disposal of your wealth and assets when you die. It provides your loved ones with clarity as to what your last wishes are at a time of grief. Critically, it allows your assets to pass to your beneficiaries in an orderly and timely manner avoiding disputes and arguments.

What happens if I don't have a Will?
Your wealth and assets will be distributed according to the laws of intestacy. The person or persons who will benefit are determined by law, and no regard is had to your own personal wishes.

How do I create my will with 
Simply click the Create your Will link and fill in the online instructions sheet with your details and requests.
Once completed, click Submit and your details will be passed to our Solicitor.

We will then make contact with you by phone or email - whichever suits your busy life. Our solicitor will discuss in detail the nature of your requirements and will proceed to draft the terms of your will.

You can make payment by using the online payment button - our service gives you full freedom and flexibility over the terms of your will without having to meet a lawyer or take time off work.
Usually, it takes 3 working days before your draft will is prepared.

When the draft is ready, we will email it to your for your revision.
Once you are happy with the completed draft, we will post or email you the final version.

Then you are ready to sign and execute your will. We will provide instructions on how this can be done.

Create Your WIll with ease
Step 1 - Complete online form
Step 2 - Pay online
Step 3 - Receive your solicitor drafted will
Step 4 - Once approved, receive final will ready for signature and execution

What do I get?
When you use you will get a tailored, prepared will that is ready to be signed and witnessed to have full legal effect. Your document will match your personal wishes as entered on our online form. Our solicitor will inform you of the steps you will need to take to create your will and ensure that it is legally valid.

How much does this service cost?
A single will for an individual costs €80 (inclusive of VAT). This fee covers the cost of taking your instructions for the will, preparation of the will, draft documentation and legal advices.

For a couple who wish to draft a pair of wills, the cost is €140 (inclusive of VAT).

How is my will delivered?
All wills are sent directly to your e-mail address, where they can be printed by you and are then ready to be witnessed and signed to become legally valid. We will give you instruction on the final steps that are needed to execute your will. For customers in Dublin, Meath, Kildare, and Louth, we can make arrangements with you to witness your will. is an online service and so, will documents are not sent by post to reduce the costs to you, the user.

How do I pay for my will? is an online service and accepts payment through Paypal, a secure online payments mechanism. Simply follow the on screen instructions to effect payment. You do not need to have a Paypal account in order to effect payment.

Are there any types of bequests not covered by covers most types of personal cirumstances. We does not provide any advice in relation to taxation issues and it is strongly recommended that in these circumstances that you obtain the advice of an accountant or financial adviser.

Who drafts my will?
All our documents and clauses will be prepared by Robert Alexander, Solicitor. Robert is a practising solicitor in Dublin. Our service does not provide automated will forms. We draft wills according to your circumstances, covering individual needs and requests.

What do you do with my personal details?
We will only use your personal data to effect payment and we will not use your personal details for any other purpose and shall not under any circumstances resell data to any third parties for more information see privacy/legal .

How can I contact
Contact the team with your comments and queries anytime at  We will reply to all correspondence within 24 hours.
Alternatively our telephone number is 01 443 4585.

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