Services provides a solicitor backed will writing service.
We will take your individual instruction and draft your will according to your wishes ready for signature and execution.

We can make arrangements for users in Dublin, Meath, Kildare and Louth to witness and sign your will in person. Simply contact us is this is required.

We can prepare Enduring Powers of Attorney, if you wish to make provision for your loved ones in the event that you become incapacitated. Simply contact us today for further information.

Our service is owned and operated by Robert Alexander Solicitors, a Dublin based law firm.

We are happy to act on your behalf in probate matters if your loved one has died, in order to assist you extract a Grant of Probate. Contact us today for further information.

testProfessionally drafted by a practising solicitor
testEasily adaptable to suit particular individual wishes
testLegally valid in Ireland
testSuitable for all types of gifts and bequests
testSimple and easy to use with no complicated jargon
testProvide certainty and clarity for your future
testCost effective saving you money
testDelivered directly to your e-mail address saving you time
testQuick and responsive solicitor backed service

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